January 2017

One Lord

Let’s live our ONE life for the ONE Lord.


In this episode, David lays out his vision for this next year at FCC.

December 2016

Enter the Story

In this episode, we see how God opened the door to a life of significance by inviting Mary into His story.

Outfox the Fox

In this episode, we see how our Enemy throughout history has been unable to thwart God’s plan.

Solution to a Problem

In this episode, we see how Christmas began with God’s plan to solve a problem that He didn’t cause.

November 2016

Say What?!

In this episode, we see how God intervenes and arranges circumstances to make it more likely for us to learn to depend on Him.

Give Thanks

In this lesson, we see how God uses his grace to shape and condition our response.

Pay It Forward

Jesus finds someone who isn’t looking for him, and then he asks the man to do something surprising in order to show his thanks.

Gifts in Disguise

David begins a new series called “Thanks a Lot” that is designed to highlight things that we LEARN to be thankful for.

October 2016

Life Hurts – Submit

In this episode, we learn how a personal encounter with God is enough to satisfy Job’s questions.