October 2016

Life Hurts – Persevere

In this episode, we learn that Job needed to take personal ownership of his journey in order to eventually be able to accept it.

Life Hurts – Engage and Express

In this message we learn how Job’s brutal honesty enabled him to move from shock towards acceptance.

Life Hurts – Delay Judgment

In this episode, we learn how Job chose to at least temporarily cling to faith in the midst of tragedy.

September 2016

Neither Do I

In this episode, Jesus shows us an example of how to combine both grace and truth.

The Grace of Giving

In this episode, we learn how generosity is itself an act of grace.

Launch Series – Reach

In this episode, Jesus encourages us to reach out to people who don’t even live next door.

Launch Series – Grow

In this episode, we learn how God wants to plant us like a tree by streams of water.

August 2016

Launch Series – Care

In this episode, we discuss how God has called us as a church to care in a way that touches people.

Slow of Heart

In this episode, we see how Jesus surprises the unbelieving with the fact that God is at work.

Be Who You Already Are

In this episode, we learn about the new wardrobe that God has provided us in Christ.