The Praise & Worship Team of First Christian Church desires to lead people into true worship of God. We realize that worship is a lifestyle, not just an hour on Sunday morning. However, during that hour we want to engage people in sincere worship, specifically through Scripture, prayer, singing, music, taking Communion, giving back to God monetarily, and listening to the Word with an opportunity to respond. We try to plan a blended service of both contemporary and traditional music around a specific theme that goes along with the message to give worshipers a focus in their worship. We desire each service to glorify God and to draw people closer to Him.

 Prayer Requests


Following are Current Prayer Requests

Please join us to pray for the following
  • Curley Carrier
  • Eva Lake
  • Leila Allen
  • Fred Skinner
  • Jimmy Bratcher
  • Mary & Major Lane
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Joan Sorrells
  • Sallie Hicks


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Birthdays          Anniversaries

August 1    Major Lane                August 14  Dennis & Brenda Tullis
August 11  Carlin Marsee           August 17  David & Debbie Clark
August 14  George Geiger
August 18  Eben Bailey
August 26  Curley Carrier
August 27  Tim Urquhart
August 29  Danny Shoemake